Here you can find some trip reports that all our passengers leave for us in order to let you know how happy they are with the service of  Sunset Peru limited...


What a memorable trip!


Dear Jose,


I wanted to let you know that both Janet and I have arrived safely back in San Francisco and before I collapse from exhaustion, I wanted to write you and tell you how much we enjoyed the incredible itinerary you planned for us. Our memories of Peru will always be connected with you and the extraordinary sights and people that we saw and met. Your culture is even richer than I had ever imagined and I am proud to know that a culture as sophisticated as the Inca’s, originated in  the America’s.


Thanks again for your attention to detail and the once in a lifetime trip that you planned for us.


My greetings to your family,




Hello Jose

salcantay 5days 4nights


I am completely satisfied with this agency sunset Peru limited and amazed by the trek. The guides stayed with us at all times, the food was great, and the trail was breath-taking. We were able to see a condor and experience a traditional Peruvian party when we stayed in a small village. Great experience!


Thank you Jose and your staff!!!


- Katherine Valle, 25, Miami, FL, United States


Abrazos .



Dear Jose castro Latorre


Thank you very much for organizing our salkantay –Inca chiriaska pass-Inca trail trek .we had a excellent trek thank you to the team of cooks ,portes,horsemam led by Jair (our guide)


Thank you very Much!


Rajesh Lohig





Jordán Jacobsen



United States

4 days / 3 nights salkantay trip.


The salkantay trek exceeded my very high expectations. I was a little worried when I booked the trek and sent money via western union because I didn’t know the agent personally, however the agent (Jose)proved to be very nice and reliable .trip ,I was extremely impressed with the food which featured the culture of Peru this takes a lot of effort but it was a pure joy .


The majestic mountain grandeurs was more beautiful than imagined the trek was Very rigorous and I’m glad my party was fast hikers .I don’t think I would have liked having slow hikers in my group.

Our guide Jonathan Aucca was the best. He spoke English very well and impowted much knowledge about Peru. I will tell many friends to vist Peru and use the service of your company



Trent wray




The entire trip was amazing from, arrives in Cusco (Where we were picked up in the airport by Jose) to leaving Machu Pichu. I can’t said enough good things about our guide Jonathan, who from the second we met him gave us the most amazing trek possible, the views on every part of the salcantay tail were better that anything, we’re ever seen before, the food was better than anything I ‘ve ever eaten, the education provide by Jonathan ,was very impressive, Machu Picchu is so beautiful again our guide save us very detailed history of each important land mark this would not have been possible if not for our guide Jonathan thank you very much for all your help Jose to give us a so amazing trek this trek would be a experience that we would never forget




















 "The Salkantay trekking Tour was a real adventure for us. Our guide Freddy was friendly and competent, a good organiser. The cook Fabian was really grat! an every situation the meals were excellent! He and the horseman Orlando were good guys, always, helping, laughing, joking - we were glad about those three,, Begleiter(?), It couldn't be better!"

Erich Sabine Sohns, Deutsch







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